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Bulk Orders

If you have a special order and want to order items in bulk, we are happy to help.

  • When you are buying bulk, you can save a lot of money. At Aankona, discounts are offered, whenever someone is buying items in bulk. Bulk order discounts depend on the final invoice amount and also the product which is being ordered. To get the discounts, your minimum invoice amount has to be above INR 150,000. 
  • Bulk orders are not country specific and you can order it from any country. We ship bulk orders worldwide.
  • Personalized orders are also delivered by us. If you have a special request and you want it delivered, we can make it happen. Reach out to us with your request and we can get back to you with images/ samples, whatever is applicable. After finalization, we can commence on fulfilling your entire order.
  • The discounts which are given on the final invoice amount does not include the shipping charges.
  • Deadlines are important to us and we work tirelessly to meet them.
  • Returns are not valid in case of bulk orders.
  • How to reach out? Send us an email or WhatsApp us your name, phone number, shipping / delivery address, name of your company, email and most importantly the products which you want. After receiving the request, our sales team will get in touch with you via a phone call or an email. The price of the products and the tentative shipping time will also be informed to you.
  • Please note that registered bulk buyers can opt in for occasional special notifications about product promotions.

Terms and Conditions of Bulk Offers

If you have a special order and want to order items in bulk, we are happy to help.

  • Shipping charges or custom duties are are not included in the prices mentioned on the website. Also, additional taxes can be added on during the delivery of the order.
  • All the shipments are sent by DHL / DTDC and they are cleared through Octroi/Customs by DHL / DTDC.
  • As for the extra customs duties or any taxes assessed during the time of the product delivery, those have to be taken care of and paid by the customer.
  • A credit card must be used to pay for all bulk orders.
  • While placing the bulk order, customers are required to pay for the entire amount in advance.
  • While the good/products become ready to be shipped, the credit card of the customer will be charged for the shipping charges of DHL / DTDC. This will happen before the shipping process commences.
  • Returns are not valid in case of bulk orders and special orders.
  • If you are looking to order an Aankona fabric which already exists and you intend to get a tiny swatch of that fabric before ordering, the price of that will be discussed with you during the transaction. If you want details about other samples of our products, please get in touch with us through email or WhatsApp.
  • The order will be shipped as per the tentative delivery date. However, if unforeseen delays occur, our team will update you about the new delivery date, on which the order is expected to reach.