Aankona Red Khadi jamdani Saree


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This red khadi jamdani saree is a traditional saree made from khadi fabric and decorated with intricate, handwoven designs using the jamdani technique. Khadi is a type of hand-spun, hand-woven fabric made from cotton, silk, or wool. It is a popular choice for sarees due to its lightweight, breathable, and durable nature.

The red color of the saree is likely achieved through the use of natural dyes or synthetic dyes. The jamdani technique involves creating decorative designs on the fabric using a supplementary weft technique. The designs are typically inspired by nature and are handwoven into the fabric by skilled craftsmen.

This saree is likely to be lightweight and comfortable to wear in warm weather. It may also be adorned with intricate designs and patterns, making it a stylish and elegant choice for formal occasions.

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